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America’s fetish with Donald Trump needs to end. Now!

In Donald Trump, Elections, Republican Party on August 29, 2015 at 5:11 pm

If you have been following the news at all, it would be hard to miss the numerous stories regarding business mogul and presidential candidate hopeful Donald Trump. Mr. Trump announced his candidacy earlier this year and following a bizarre pattern of bigoted statements and comments, shot up in preliminary polls as the months went on. Whether it was referring to Mexican immigrants as “rapist who are bringing drugs and crime to the U.S” or bullying Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly post Fox News’ much hyped first Republican debate. Univision replied to Mr. Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants by withdrawing partnership with the Trump organization and Fox News owner Roger Alias demanded an apology from Trump for his behavior with Kelly on and off air. Yet! Trump remains unfazed and unapologetic to anyone he may have inadvertently hurt or offended.

However, the real fascinating aspect in this debacle is the radical following Mr. Trump has garnered since announcing his candidacy. For various reasons, reasonable or not, followers of Mr. Trump have increasingly grown in numbers. As time goes by, ardent followers are becoming almost blind supporters of Donald Trump’s political rhetoric. This brings up a real problem with an American society that is heavily into the idea of politics, but seemingly avoids understanding the needs of the country or the policy forming process. Proof is in the policy proposal’s put forth by the Trump campaign, which when considered in context doesn’t hold a lot of weight in the process of forming policy. Read the rest of this entry »

Donald Trump pulling a Charlie Sheen?

In Michele Bachmann on July 28, 2011 at 12:12 pm

Aren’t you at least worried that we haven’t seen much of Donald Trump in the news lately? The guy who could not wait to fire back at anything, even if something remotely negative was said about him. He literally loved picking up his cell phone and calling ‘media fight’.

Well guess who answered your prayers. The Donald has returned. Since this time he didn’t quite find the media outlet he created his own. Oh the hell with those reporters. Let me create my own video from my…from somebody’s desk. Like a crazy dude. Does it remind you of somebody? Unless you’ve figured it out already it Mr Charlie Sheen. Common the header is a give away. Man those were some good times when we used to get a bag of popcorn, sit with friends and watch Sheen rant. How could you forget those one hour, almost mini documentaries about his goddesses. Well all good things come to an end I guess and so did Charlie Sheen’s 15 days of fame. Sheen did however during one of his road shows mention Obama’s birth certificate and backed up Donald Trump. Gave him credit for his effort. Yeah! Birds of a feather…

Charlie Sheen aid he was thinking about running for office. To be honest. He was thinking about a lot of stuff that time. He however said that it was just a thought. He asked the crowd if they would vote for him if he ran. I don’t know about you guys I was scared shitless. Do we really need this guy to join in as well? We got Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin on the political side to keep us entertained whenever something serious is going down. Wonder what he would say about Washington’s status right now. So anyhow here is Donald Trump talking about a bunch of stuff in this video. Where are you sitting at Donald? That cannot be your desk. You barely work that hard for your desk to have so much paper. For a guy that declared bankruptcy so many times what job could you possibly be doing? He talks about the debt ceiling and gave the GOP and his dearest Tea Partiers a word of advice. He asked them to hold their ground and let the country go into default. Yeah! How bad could his business get anyway. It’s already bankrupt.

Enjoy Donald Trump here. And if you get pissed or bored there’s Charlie Sheen right below to him. Just listen to him for a while. You’ll laughing away all your miseries away.