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News of the World!!

In James Murdoch, News of the World, Rupert Murdoch on July 19, 2011 at 1:07 pm

The title kinda came to me while having dinner and watching the Rupert Murdoch’s hearing. The hearing started by Murdoch Jr apologizing and Rupert Murdoch stopped his son to say, “it was the most humbling day of my life”. Certainly sounds like the man who is grieving right? The fact that terrorism stuck families were affected by this scandal. Surely he was not lying about being sorry. Right?! I love how James Murdoch steps in to answer questions directed towards Rupert Murdoch. Although the two and a half hour session was going pretty stale with a back and forth rally between the committee and the Murdoch’s. The highlight of the whole thing came towards the end. A man about 24-30 approached the Murdoch (Rupert) with a plate full of shaving foam and was intending to rub it on his face. Apparently the man called Murdoch “Greedy” before trying to smear his face with shaving foam pie. The session took a break for five minutes and reconvened afterwards. As part of the policy if something happens during the session the camera must focus towards the wall and not cover the incident. But hey! You cannot stop the social media from leaking the story before the world press. Here’s what happened:

The man on the left with the black and white check shirt was the ” Shaving Cream Guy”. Murdoch wife, son (James) immediately rose up. There was a short moment of panic in the room before the guards removed the man from the premises. You can guess from the lady in the background of what the people felt in the room. For us watching this on t.v at home it was a moment of freakish joy. Everyone started speculating of what could have happened before Twitter gave us the answer. From the whole thing we can take back that perhaps the American investigation on the matter would be much more strong. The committe was weak in not following up on questions such as ‘Who signed off the cheques for News of the World’, ‘Who paid the legal fees for the incriminated journalists”. In almost all their answers the Murdoch’s claimed that they had no idea of what was happening. They said that their trust was breached by the people who were responsible. It is hard to believe their statement because Rebekah Brooks said the same thing during her hearing.