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The budget deal vs the NFL labor deal

In Labor Unions, NFL on July 19, 2011 at 10:41 am

While ordinary Americans are on the streets looking to survive another day here are two negotiations going on in Washington where some people do not know how to manage millions of dollars.

Citigroup recently put it, “Asking what the U.S economy might look like after a possible U.S Treasury default is like asking, ‘what will you do after you commit suicide’?”. The deadline for raising debt ceiling is nearing and the GOP is showing no signs of coming to a compromise. While moody’s and S&P are threatening to slash the U.S credit ratings Washington is still stuck on ‘negotiations’. President Obama said, “he was willing to risk his Presidency” to get a long-term deal done but the Republican party is still stuck it draconian agenda be implemented.  One would think that as the day comes close both the Democrats and Republicans would come to a compromise. With President Obama’s bold statement it is hard to say that the left is not trying it’s best. If the GOP were to agree to Obama’s proposal to cut about a trillion dollars and raise the debt limit it would be a big dent in his 2012 Presidential run. A large amount of liberal, senior, union workers and teachers are already asking the President not to cave into the GOP’s agenda. To sum it all. The GOP wants millions of dollars of cuts to medicare, Medicaid and social security. It’s is clear with the budget plan as laid by by Paul Ryan and agreed upon by almost all Republicans in the house. It’s their way to balancing the budget. The Democrats want to balance the budget by increasing tax on the 2% of the highly paid Americans which have been at an all time low (Bush tax cuts). They also want to cut subsidies to big oil companies who, as per today the highest profit reeking companies in the history of the planet.

Meanwhile the never-ending negotiations between the NFL players and the club owners are looking like it might come to an end by this weekend. That is however an optimistic look on the matter. The deal was almost done a couple of months ago. The NFL website said that “the negotiations look optimistic. A couple of contentions need to be taken care.” Those contentions however never quite unlocked the league. The NFL deal from the eyes of an average man in America looks like a complete waste of time. The National Football League is locked out because the players and the team owners could not agree as to how many millions of dollars does a player need to do his job. It is dispicable because a lot of people are dying of poverty right here in America and all this fight is over is how much more? Unfortunately though. The NFL being lockout affects the players much more it does the owners.

Of course in all these cases it is the common man who is generally always deprived. Whether it would be the rising cost, higher interests on mortgages and credit card loans after the possible debt ceiling disaster or the fact that there might not be a football season in 2011. Which means no football on Thanksgiving and Christmas 😦