Deconstructing The Absurdity

Who Am I?

I live in mid-west America, however, I was born in South-East Asia and spent considerable time growing up in various social, political and economic environments. As a graduate student of media studies and a journalist, I hope to bring a unique perspective to the complicated web of politics and society. My interests are varied from philosophy, sociology, and art to science, technology, and travelling.

Having lived in two distinct parts of the world with a vastly different social structure gave me an opportunity to look at the American social fabric from a unique point of view. I love the United States, but there is a lot about this country that needs in-depth understanding and appreciation for any change to take place. My main objective with this blog is to be an unbiased critic of the beltway’s workings and the social fabric that binds us all. I write about the policies, news, discoveries, media et cetera – things that are happening today – from a philosophical, albeit rational perspective.

I would be happy to hear from you. Agree or disagree. Most importantly, you should have an opinion.

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