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America’s fetish with Donald Trump needs to end. Now!

In Donald Trump, Elections, Republican Party on August 29, 2015 at 5:11 pm

If you have been following the news at all, it would be hard to miss the numerous stories regarding business mogul and presidential candidate hopeful Donald Trump. Mr. Trump announced his candidacy earlier this year and following a bizarre pattern of bigoted statements and comments, shot up in preliminary polls as the months went on. Whether it was referring to Mexican immigrants as “rapist who are bringing drugs and crime to the U.S” or bullying Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly post Fox News’ much hyped first Republican debate. Univision replied to Mr. Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants by withdrawing partnership with the Trump organization and Fox News owner Roger Alias demanded an apology from Trump for his behavior with Kelly on and off air. Yet! Trump remains unfazed and unapologetic to anyone he may have inadvertently hurt or offended.

However, the real fascinating aspect in this debacle is the radical following Mr. Trump has garnered since announcing his candidacy. For various reasons, reasonable or not, followers of Mr. Trump have increasingly grown in numbers. As time goes by, ardent followers are becoming almost blind supporters of Donald Trump’s political rhetoric. This brings up a real problem with an American society that is heavily into the idea of politics, but seemingly avoids understanding the needs of the country or the policy forming process. Proof is in the policy proposal’s put forth by the Trump campaign, which when considered in context doesn’t hold a lot of weight in the process of forming policy.Let’s take for example one of Mr. Trump’s most cherished topics. Immigration. Or for that matter, the problem of illegal migrants from the southern neighbors of the United States. Mr. Trump has suggested building a high wall and having Mexico pay for the construction of the wall. The length of the Mexican-American border is 1,954 miles (3,145 km) stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. Certain parts of the border only has a sign or fence. In other places, the border is reinforced with barbed wire or tall steel barriers. Building a wall that at least 20 ft. high, in order to avoid jumpers, and one that stretches for 1,954 miles is going to be an expensive feat. There is no way Mexico will pay for such an undertaking. Even if, by some stroke of luck, Mexican officials agreed to co-pay the cost of the wall with a Trump administration, Mexico’s economy at this point cannot afford to spend money on something that will not benefit the country in any conceivable way. Hence, the plan is looking at dead-end even before taking flight.

Immigration is not an isolated case. On the foreign policy front, Mr. Trump has been harping about a “better deal” with Iran, but hasn’t quite mentioned how he would go about securing such an agreement with a hostile nation. Neither has he specified what aspects of the current deal is unacceptable or what plausible edits can be made from his point of view.

As it stands today, Mr. Trump has managed to offend the base on the left and right. The media spotlight is a result of his absurdist theories, name calling and rampant casual bigotry. Apart from a lack of concrete policy measures, Mr. Trump has only used rhetorical statements decrying crumbling infrastructure, veteran’s healthcare, national economic policies, foreign policy and politicians. Although Mr. Trump keeps reiterating that every politician is “all talk,” there is nothing from the Trump campaign besides banal criticism of the government; all talk in Trump lingo. Most recently, veteran Mexican-American journalist Jorge Ramos was evicted from a Trump rally for asking direct questions to Mr. Trump about his radical views on immigration. Mr. Ramos claimed to have been repeated sidelined when seeking his turn, but Mr. Trump maintains he would eventually get to Mr. Ramos. The press did not take kindly to this incident.

The United States is a dual party system in which the final two candidates facing off for the nation’s highest public office have to be ratified by the respective political parties. Mr. Trump has announced his candidacy hoping to be the Republican party’s official candidate even though the relationship between the Trump campaign and Fox News, the official conservative media voice, has gradually strained since the incident with Megyn Kelly at the debate. If Mr. Trump decides to use his financial capital to run as an independent candidate, an already split conservative base would be further divided and an easy victory for any Democratic candidate would be certain. But that won’t be the case because ranking party officials are aware of that situation. Mr. Trump is not the establishment candidate and most likely will not get the ticket to run even though he is soaring in the early polls. So what are we doing here?

Social media pages of every media outlet on both sides of the aisle are littered with various stories about Mr. Trump that is greatly benefiting the hollow Trump campaign. An unnecessary amount of time and space is being donated for a candidate who is destined to fail even if the Republican party decided on Mr. Trump being the candidate. Precisely a year from November 8, 2015, the 45th President of the United States will be elected to office. Since America is heavily invested in its political fabric, it’s time for the voters to get serious about real candidates who will take the stage and debate issues of national and international significance. There is an unnecessary amount of media spotlight on a person who is running a void campaign. American media needs to stop feeding into the delusion of a wealthy narcissist hoping to gain national political significance.

Mr. Trump and his supporters maintain his candidacy is apt because he is not a politician and can think like a businessman. They yearn for a political candidate with no experience in politics because a perceived outside-the-box thinking could “make American great again.” But Mr. Trump is running for political office and would have to be a politician in order to secure any elected office. That would entail having a set of precise policy goals approved by a majority of the masses. How can a political candidate expect to win an election by dividing and insulting people? He may be a convenient pinnate for the Democratic party, but for the Republican party and conservatives across the nation, Donald Trump is turning out to be a divisive candidate. Splitting the base and drawing public attention away from candidates who might end up as the final choice for the party, Mr. Trump is damping chances for a Republican victory in 2016.

It might be time for voters to cease this raging Trump mania and focus on the candidates with real goals as it would take considerable time sifting through 16 candidates in order to find the one. Politics can be a fun spectacle, especially during election time, but further disfranchisement among voters will keep setting in if pointless candidates like Mr. Trump keep hogging the spotlight without offering anything meaningful. That is not to say the public should write off Mr. Trump from the list, but if reasonable policies don’t surface in the next few months, it may be time for American to end its fetish with Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. Passionate advocates for Mr. Trump need not worry. He will surely find a way back in to the limelight when the political candidacy fails and the thirst for a presidential bid has been quenched.

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