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Republican Health Care Plan: Don’t get sick! If you do, die quickly [VIDEO]

In 2012 Presidential Election, Barack Obama, Elections, Health Care, Republican Party, Ron Paul, Tea Party on September 13, 2011 at 1:08 am

I was watching the Republican debate tonight on CNN and there was an odd moment. While Ron Paul was explaining his stand on health care he was posed with a hypothetical question. The question to him was, “Let’s say there’s a guy who’s doing well and earns a decent income. He doesn’t want to pay $200-$300 a month for insurance because he thinks he’s never going to get sick. Then something bad happens and he needs treatment for 6 months at a stretch. He goes into a coma for instance. What do you say to him then? What happens to him?” Ron Paul has a very idealistic answer. He says the person should have had a heath insurance or a medical plan. He was then reminded by Wolf Blitzer, the event’s moderator that he doesn’t have it or didn’t deem necessary. Basically Ron Paul didn’t have an answer to it. So he came up with something like, he should have had it. Does he think that the state was going to pay for his medical bills or the church should take care of him. At this point Blitzer asked him whether the state should just let him die. Although Paul didn’t say it the audience did. There were cheers like, ‘YEAH!’ and ‘Let him die’. It was a terrible moment and probably the most sickening thing I’ve heard from an audience in a Republican debate so far. There are people who want to wait and watch a fellow American/human being die. Rep Alan Grayson (D-Florida) rightfully said, “It’s sadistic.” Paul interjected to offer an explanation for how it was, more-or-less, the root choice of a free society. He added that communities and non-government institutions can fill the void that the public sector is currently playing. He said that while he was working in the medical line the “churches never turned anyone away.” He added, “We have given up on this whole concept that we might take care of ourselves, assume responsibility for ourselves, that’s the reason the cost is so high.”

I wonder how Republicans just assume that everyone can afford a medical plan or go to the church for help. I wonder how they forget about so many lower middle class households who struggle just to get food on the table everyday. Ron Paul wants competition in medicine. That’s nothing new. All Republican policy makers want the same thing. So it’s getting clearer everyday that the GOP doesn’t care about American people. Right now, at this point taking Ron Paul’s statement into context, it doesn’t really matter if you are rich or poor. If you didn’t have health insurance then you are basically doomed. Ron Paul’s government or rather a Republican government has no problem standing by and watching you perish. Apparently they have an audience for this kind of stuff too. Someone should remind these guys and specially Mr Paul that it is the role of the government to step in and help its people when they’re in need. That is what a government is supposed to do and that is why we have governance. It’s not a socialist scheme and it’s not about Obama’s health care policy. Would he say the same thing if one of his family member(s) could not afford the cost and didn’t have a plan. Maybe? Maybe not. It’s funny because somehow when it comes to freedom Republicans only want to provide freedom where their agenda fits in. Would they want to eliminate government from the bedrooms of people and give them the freedom to choose their sexual preference? Would they eliminate government between a doctor and woman seeking abortion or contraceptives like the morning after pill? Nope! That’s when the Bible and God comes handy. Government HAS to be included in these areas because people suddenly loose ‘the root choice of a free society’.

The audience shocked everyone once again when Ron Paul said that 9/11 was America’s fault. He was booed. Keep in mind that there were significant Ron Paul supporters in the crowd. For the first time in the whole debate somebody said something that was not anti-Obama and actually correct and that was the response from the American people. He tried to explain how interfering and trying to manipulate with the middle east’s politics brought upon a great tragedy to this nation, but that was pretty much in vain. It makes you wonder how long does America and Americans want to keep their heads buried in sand and keep pretending that nothing is or ever was wrong. America was and will always be right.

  1. Lawrence O’Donnell is usually a freaking butthole , where does this fella think up these thoughts, however, if I personally had been Herman Cain I would have hit him in the nose

    • I’m personally not a big fan of O’Donnell but he does bring up some key points to be considered. If I was Herman Cain, I’d take it easy on the commentary. When you come up from behind in the polls like her did it will be wise to maintain it and not handed it over to Romney. Not like Romney won’t take it away anyhow

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