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A New Low: Eric Cantor

In Republican Party, Tea Party, U.S Congress, U.S House of Representatives, U.S Senate, U.S States on September 2, 2011 at 11:44 am

Republican hypocrisy has been a pretty open issue. But today once again a Republican member in Congress has proved that being a politician means loosing all sense of humanity. House majority leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) is asking for spending cuts to offset any spending done for disaster relief. YES! You read it right. Cantor wants to play politics when there are places who are still stuck without communication and waiting for relief. It’s nothing new for Republicans and specially Cantor to ask for spending cuts for just about anything. Even if nothing is being spent, they will end up asking for spending cuts. But, this is a brand new low for Cantor and the party he represents. HOWEVER! Do you think if Cantor’s district was devastated by a natural disaster he would have maintained his position on spending cuts? The 2004 emergency supplemental was proposed after five hurricanes hit the United States, including Tropical Storm Gaston, which did damage to Cantor’s home district of Richmond. Cantor voted against an amendment to an emergency supplemental bill for disaster aid that would have “fully offset” the cost of that supplemental with “a proportional reduction of FY05 discretionary funding” elsewhere. He wrote a letter asking for federal funding for his district. The federal assistance provided to Richmond following Gaston totaled nearly $20 million, according to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. 

But today it’s a different story. Cantor said, “Just like any family would operate when it’s struck with disaster,” Congress would “have to make sure there are savings elsewhere” to pay for the aftermath of the storm. “We are going to find the money,” Mr. Cantor told Fox News recently. “We are just going to have to make sure there are savings elsewhere to continue to do so.”

The situation has worsen since the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s disaster relief fund is down to $713 million as a result of recent emergencies like the devastating tornado that struck Joplin, Mo. That has prompted FEMA to delay consideration of long-term rebuilding projects that have not yet been submitted by local authorities.

Would Eric Cantor have a different view had Virginia taken most of the damage? Well at least not all Republican politicians agree with Cantor. New Jersey governor Chris Christie said, “Our people are suffering now, and they need support now. And they (Congress) can all go down there and get back to work and figure out budget cuts later.” Well at least someone gets it.

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