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Wisconsin Recalls..

In Elections, Labor Unions, Republican Party, Tea Party, U.S States, Wisconsin on August 9, 2011 at 10:46 am

And here we are. After 100,000 people showed up on the streets of Madison during the cold winter month, we have ourselves a general election in the great state of Wisconsin. The badger state has put up 6 Republican senators and 2 Democratic senators up for recalls. A short while ago something like this happened was in Green Bay, Wisconsin when incumbent Rep. Dave Hansen (D) was challenged by Republican David VanderLeest. Hansen scored comfortably making it Democrats 1, Republican 0. A lot of these people who are furious and angry voted for Scott Walker when he ran but the policies that he implemented have turned their minds around 180 degrees. It’s not just taking back the senate, this outburst of the middle/working class is to take back Wisconsin from the hands of Walker. Wisconsin Democrats and liberals have vowed to hand Walker his pink slip. Unions, firefighters, teachers, students and the middle class to sum it up are up in arm and the fight begins today, Tuesday August 9th 2011.

Here’s who is up for re-election:

  • Former De Pere Mayor Nancy Nusbaum (D) is running against Republican state Senator Robert Cowles.
  • State Rep. Sandy Pasch (D) running against GOP state Sen. Alberta Darling (R) in a general election race.
  • Shelly Moore (D), an English teacher, running to unseat state Sen. Sheila Harsdorf (R) in a general election.
  • Democratic state Rep. Fred Clark is running against Republican state Sen. Luther Olsen in a general election race.
  • Attorney Jessica King (D), is looking to unseat Republican state Sen. Randy Hopper in a general election match-up.
  • Democratic state Rep. Jennifer Shilling of La Crosse is facing off against state Sen. Dan Kapanke (R) in a general election race.
However, it’s not just Republicans who are up for recalls. Once Tuesday’s recalls are done, on August 16th another set of recalls are scheduled.
  • Whoever emerges victorious in the GOP primary match-up between Lussow and Simac will face off against Democratic state Sen. Jim Holperin in a general election contest.
  • The winner of the Republican primary contest between Steitz and Ekornaas will run against state Sen. Robert W. Wirch (D) in a general election race.
Democrats sound confident even after Scott Walker and Wisconsin GOP + Tea Party tried their best to impose voter restrictions earlier this month. Now voters in Wisconsin need a photo identity as a proof to be allowed to vote. The bad news is for the Democrats as these laws are meant to thin out voters of the Democratic base. Poor people, students, elderly and the african-american/latino community all tend to vote Democratic and most of them don’t have a photo identity. Even student identity cards are not being allowed. The Republican ideology behind these laws are to prevent voter fraud in the state. Evidence of voter fraud both in Wisconsin and the country as a whole is almost non-existent. Whatever percentage is present, doesn’t merit such draconian laws to be implemented. It becomes even more suspicious when these laws are put out place right before a very important election which might not go in favor of the GOP and Walker. The GOP is trying to play down the elections but in the mean time are running ad’s of re-election criticizing the Democrats and president Obama. Wisconsin might become a template on the senate bill 5 which is up for recall in Ohio. It might even influence the recalls in Michigan. This is one general election to look out for.

Whatever happens in the recalls, Wisconsin should be a definitive wake up call for liberals in Washington. Stand with the base and the people will support you.

 If you are in Wisconsin and looking out for your nearest polling place, you can click HERE to find one. This is a great time in the history of this country and the state. Doesn’t matter which side you vote for, it is important that you go out there and vote and make your voice heard.

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